Dundaga Evangelical Lutheran Church
Following the construction of Dundaga Castle (at the end of the 13th century), during the Catholic period, the castle chapel was established there and later used by the German parish. As from 1830 it could no longer be used and it burned down during a fire in 1872 along with the castle. The castle  was reconstructed later, however the church was not. Now the stone ruines are preserved.

For the needs of the Latvian parish a wooden church existed 5 km from the centre of Dundaga since the 17th century. For about 100 years it operated in parallel with the castle chapel.

The construction of the current stone church was completed in 1766 under the care by the owner of Dundaga Castle, the Prince Karl fon der Osten-Sacken (1726-1794). Until the 1920-ies it was used by both parishes - German and Latvian. It was much bigger and lighter than its two predecessors.

The status of an architectural monument was granted to the church in 1935.

In the church there is the altar piece «Easter Morning» (1912) by Jānis Rozentāls and the organ built in 1859 by the Latvian farmer Ansis Dinsbergs, as well as the Bible dating back to 1689 and the guest book presented by Kārlis Ulmanis in 1936 with his own inscription there.

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Dundaga Evangelical Lutheran Church. Photo: Ainars Gaidis
Pils iela 8, Dundaga, Dundagas pag., Dundagas nov., LV-3270
+371 29444395
Dundaga Baptist Church
Since the foundation of the parish in 1867, Dundaga Baptist parish did not have its own church, the parish was meeting at homes and at the castle or the Lutheran church for bigger festivities.

Churches are built once in a century, this is a special mission for which the priest Haralds Anzenavs was invited to Dundaga. In 1992 the parish asked the administration of the municipality to transfer a land plot with the area of 0.3 ha to it for building a church, and on 1 July 1993 the bishop of the Latvian Baptist parishes Jānis Eisāns consecrated the foundation stone. On 10 December 1995 a consecration service of the almost ready building was held.
Dundaga Baptist Church. Photo: Ainars Gaidis
Bānīša iela 1, Dundaga, Dundagas pag., Dundagas nov., LV-3270
+371 29174844
Mazirbe Evangelical Lutheran Church
The first wooden church in Mazirbe - Irbe church, was built in 1766. In 1866 the owner of Dundaga manor Teodors fon der Osten-Sacken laid the first foundation stone for the current stone church that was consecrated in 1868.

During the 1st World War (1914-1916) the Russian artillery destroyed the church tower, it was renovated in 1927. The tower rises to 36 metres and has served for the location of ships in Irbe sea narrow for the seafarers travelling along this international route. In 1964 the church was alienated from the parish. The church was abandoned and destroyed, however, the third Awakening brought the renovation also to Mazirbe church (1985 - 1988, 1997).

The church is among the most beautiful churches at the coastline of Kurzeme distinguished by tall proportions, aesthetic quality and the picturesque image.
Mazirbe Evangelical Lutheran Church. Photo: Ainars Gaidis
«Mācītājmuiža», Mazirbe, Dundagas pag., Dundagas nov., LV-3275
+371 20074480
Pitrags Baptist Church
Pitrags is a Liiv village the origins of which can be related to the second half of the 16th century based on documents. The parish was established in Pitrags in 1890. The preaching house built in 1902 and financed from the personal resources of the parish member, captain Dambergs burned down during the 1st World War, was reconstructed in 1925 and repaired at the end of the 20th century. The image of the preaching house has not changed since its reconstruction. In the big hall of the church there is an altar piece presented by the painter V. Krēsliņš (1991).
Pitrags Baptist Church. Photo: Ainars Gaidis
«Druvas», Pitrags, Kolkas pag., Dundagas nov., LV-3275
+371 22018468
Kolka Evangelical Lutheran Church
The foundation of the current stone church (1885 - 1886) was laid and the message for the next generations in the round ball of the church tower was put by the owner of Dundaga manor at that time Karls Ludvigs Ferdinands fon der Osten-Sackens. The construction works were started in 1885 under the management of the construction master Oto Zīverts based on the design developed by the architect Teodors Zeilers.

The last service took place in 1969 and later the church was demolished. This church was reborn at the Awakening period. A document found in 1992 during the reconstruction of the church says that the location of the church had changed three times until 1833. The altar piece which is the donation by the artist Helēna Heinrihsone (1993) is a very powerful accent in the otherwise modest interior of the church.
Kolka Evangelical Lutheran Church
«Kolkas luteriskā baznīca», Kolka, Kolkas pag., Dundagas nov., LV-3275
+371 26057021
Nativity Kolka Orthodox Church
Around year 1885 a high number of Kolka residents accepted the orthodox faith and an orthodox parish was established in Kolka. Kolka is the only seaside village where an orthodox church was built. In 1982 the parish had to give up their church. The church was demolished.

A stone building with two onion-type domes was reconstructed in 1989 — 1999.
Nativity Kolka Orthodox Church. Photo: Ainars Gaidis
«Kolkas pareizticīgo baznīca», Kolka, Kolkas pag., Dundagas nov., LV-3275
+371 22070152
Sea Star Virgin Kolka Roman Catholic Church
More than 900 years have passed since the construction of the first catholic church in Kolka. For centuries there was no church of this confession here, not even during the independent state of Latvia. In 1992 - 1997 a Roman Catholic parish got established in Kolka and an own church was necessary. In July 1997. with the permission by Liepāja Diocese Bishop Ārvalds Andrejs Brumanis, under the management by the priest Andrejs Mediņš, the log church built in 1935 in Saka Grīņi was dismantled. By 4 October it was erected anew in Kolka.  The arrangement of the altar was changed, the confessional from Grīņi was preserved.
Sea Star Virgin Kolka Roman Catholic Church. Photo: Ainars Gaidis
«Katoļu baznīca», Kolka, Kolkas pag., Dundagas nov., LV-3275
+371 29644609, 29793759
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