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Pine nature trail at Kolka
The trail is 1.2 km long and it is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea to the West from Kolkasrags.

Following the trail to the sea, we first have to cross the seaside dunes in forest, then grey and finally white dunes. The branching pine-trees with low set branches are deeply covered in sand. Their trunks were revealed after the storm of 2005 when the pre-dune was washed away and a steep coast with the height of 1-3 m got established there.

The revealed pine trees were not taken away because the fallen trees strengthen the pre-dune and contribute to the nature diversity.

The old trees are the habitat for lichen, bugs and fungus, the existence of which cannot be provided for by younger trees. When you look carefully you will see an ant-lion (Myrmeleon formicarius).
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