Kubali school — museum
The oldest log school preserved until nowadays in Latvia (the 19th century). The arrangement of a classroom, the chimney, a renovated fence and paths for walks.

Opening hours:
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr 09.00 – 17.00 (1 May – 31 October)
Sa, Su - with advance booking
Admission fee: See prices on the website!

«At the end of 1842 the new school house was completed, a big tall building with the same size as now (20 fathom long, 7 fathom wide). In the beginning of 1843, just after the Twelfth Day studies were started at the new school.»
This was the first and the only school for farmers' children at Dundaga manor for 28 years.

On 13 May 1972 the museum for Ernests Dinsbergs was opened here. Since 1992 the operation of the museum has been funded by Dundaga parish which is also the historical owner of the buildings and the school land plot.

Initially there were two classrooms in the school. The arrangement of a classroom as it was at the end of the 19th century is presented at the museum. Also examples of essays written by the students at Kubalu school are on display here (mid-1800-ies). Textbooks that were used at rural schools at that time can be seen and the music instrument - harmonic can be evaluated at the museum. Ernests Dinsbergs (1816 - 1902), who was among the first Latvian culture workers, lived in the school building and worked here as a teacher since the very beginning of the school. He worked forty years at the school and devoted seventy years of work to the Latvian literature.

Approximately one hundred fifty books by E. Dinsbergs were published and were the first ones of a kind in the Latvian language from the point of view of their content and topics.

The apartment was built in 1878 according to E. Dinsbergs' design. The furniture made by him is preserved there. Original publications of the writer's books can be seen.

The total number of units of the museum stock is 1897. In the spring of 2003 the museum successfully initiated the accreditation process.

The museum is preparing and issuing its own collections of stories — brochures.
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