Liepniekvalks (Peldanga) caves
In the sandstone outcrop on the banks of the Liepniekvalks river springs have eroded a maze of caves and underground passages atypical for the territory of Latvia. The revealed area is approximately 5 m high and 20 m wide and it is formed of Devon, Arukila and Burtnieki line grey sandstone. This is a complicated system of narrow underground caves with five entrances. The total length of the caves reaches 70 m and this is among the longest labyrinths of caves in Latvia. It is formed by one bigger and two smaller rooms with branches that are mutually connected by tunnels. Several pillars and sand stone poles have got formed in the cave.

After filling up the caves were revealed, however they can only be seen from outside because further paths are filled with sand.

The 10th km of the road Dundaga–Ģibzde.
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