Valpene pyramid
A pyramid in Latvia? It is located at Valpene, and this 9 m high structure made of boulders with the base perimeter of 38 m was constructed by the sculptor Vilnis Titāns according to the idea by the poet Imants Ziedonis in the middle of 1980s.

The monument which is a huge pile of boulders by its form symbolises the contribution by Krišjānis Barons for the collection of the Latvian folk songs. Valpene manor building where Krišjānis Barons lived together with his mother was located nearby.

The names of the houses of Valpene village are engraved in stones. Many houses cannot be found any longer, however the cultural value of the house names has been preserved. The names of houses engraved in stones are arranged in compliance with the direction of the location of houses.
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Valpene, Dundagas pag., Dundagas nov., LV-3270
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