Zeltapse (Upsīši) secular stone
The secular stone is located at a distance of 1.6 km from the slope of the Šlītere Zilie kalni [Blue Hills] and 500 m from Upīši farmstead in a birch forest. Its perimeter is 16.4 m, lenght is 5.9 m, width is 4.0 m, height is 3.0 m and its volume is 30 m³.

In the 1980-ies a discussion emerged regarding the specific location of the stone (on supporting stones) and the signs engraved in the stone. Some researchers consider these signs to be rune and this is why the stone is referred to as a rune stone. The theory of the geologist R. Knaps that this is a sea stone of Lithorina period pushed by ice upon smaller coast stones seems to be most accurate.
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